Body positivity = divine strength

We are a Fall River fitness studio located inside of Breaking Pointe Dance Studio.

We offer high intensity, calorie burning, sweat inducing, and body sculpting fitness experience! 

We provide something for everyone regardless of age, condition, or fitness level.

Our classes propel you to the next level, as you sweat through a range of dynamic movements that target muscle groups simultaneously and continually to maximize your calorie burn, resulting in a flexible, balanced, lean, toned, powerful, and sexy body!

The energy is high, the music is loud, and you are guaranteed to sweat!

  Our instructors and knowledgeable staff motivate, challenge, and inspire our clients to achieve optimal health and happiness. 

BPDS FITNESS is not another large corporate gym, where you’re just another member and another payment.

This studio is not just a place to exercise – we’re a true community. We’re committed to helping every client achieve their goals and get the most out of their time here!

Come join us and experience the difference!


Come join us and experience the difference!

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(located inside Breaking Pointe Dance Studio)

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